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Bastyr University
Bastyr University today offers more than 20 degree and certificate programs in numerous natural health fields in addition to naturopathic medicine—from acupuncture, herbal sciences, nutrion and human biology, to midwifery, exercise science, psychology and public health. Founded in 1978 as a naturopathic medicine college, it is today the global leader in the natural health arts and sciences, with two campuses, near Seattle, WA and San Diego, CA. Bastyr is also a world leader in alternative and complementary medicine research, a recipient of multi-million-dollar grants from the National Institutes of Health.

Neural Correlates of Acupressure
Acupressure is a science that deals with the human body and the flow of natural energy within the body. This Web site notes that it is a science, and there is nothing supernatural or magical about it. This medical science is practiced with the use of only one human tool: the thumb. Pressure is applied on different 'pressure points' on the body, stimulating the corresponding glands of the body. If you want to learn more about the meridians in the body, you can find out how acupressure works and what conditions it works with. Acupressure does not use needles, as acupuncture does. A section about acupressure in the news and the power of pulse reading is also included.

Cervical Spine Problem: Basic Information and Symptoms
This article at chiropractic site has useful information about cervical spine, or neck. This page is only the first of the three-part articles. The other two articles are about thoracic (mid to upper back), and lumbar/sacral spine (lower back). On the first part is a detailed explanation of the difference between a medical doctor (M.D.) and a chiropractor (D.C.) When it comes to spine, chiropractors are said to be the better health professionals to visit rather than a medical doctor. Included in this article is the list of symptoms of having a cervical spine problem that should immediately be corrected.

American Holistic Health Association
This is the home page for the American Holistic Health Association, which includes research and referral lists, steps to wellness, self-help articles, and a section about what holistic health is. Many directories of holistic health centers and holistic health practitioners are included. A calendar, self-help tools, health information search tools, email reports and wellness messages are also included.

Laughter Therapy
A humorous web site about laughter therapy, featuring information about laughter workshops, jokes, humor therapy and more. This web site was made by someone who used laughter therapy to combat anxiety. A section of web sites is included, and a laughter therapy forum where you can discuss laughter therapy with other people who use it to feel better.

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