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Calcium and Calcium supplements: Achieving the Right Balance
This article by the Mayo Clinic eays that calcium is important for optimal bone health throughout life, and that if your diet is light on calcium, then you can get the daily recommendations by taking calcium supplements. Not getting the proper amount of calcium over many years can result in health problems due to weaker bones such as children not reaching their full potential in adult height, adults getting more bone fracdtures, and an increased risk in getting osteoporosis. The article also says that calcium, as well as vitamin D, may have value beyond bone health, such as protecting against diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer—although the evidence is lacking. The article provides a chart of calcium requirements. .

Do Children's Calcium Supplements Really Work
This article describes 19 studies that were reviewed to determine if children's calcium supplements really work. The studies tested 2859 children from three to 18 and compared children who took calcium supplements to children who took placebos (or fake pills) for 8 1/2 months to seven years. The calcium supplements provided 300 to 1200 mg of calcium as calcium carbonate or phosphate, calcium citrate malate, calcium lactate gluconate or calcium from milk minerals or extracts. Interestingly enough, The studies found that bone mineral density increased the same amount in the hip and spine whether children took calcium supplements or placebos, but it did increase the bone mineral density in the arm. Overall, calcium nutrition is vital and taking a children's calcium supplement and eating calcium rich foods is a must-do.

Calcium Information and Bone Health Tips
To avoid weak bones, they need continuous maintenance. To start with, you need to supplement your diet with calcium, and this article offers tons of information about calcium and some bone health tips for you. Here, you can find a list of foods that are labeled as excellent sources of calcium. But because milk alone is not enough, there are some recommendations on how to mix milk with food. for more details, you can ask help from a registered dietitian. You can also take calcium supplements and do some weight-bearing activities.

6 Surprising Health Benefits of Calcium
That calcium makes bones and teeth strong and healthy is common knowledge. However, not many people know that calcium has many other health benefits. This article by Best Health, a Canadian health and wellness magazine, discusses six of these unexpected health gains. One of the benefits the article offers is weight loss, as calcium is said to play a role in breaking down and storing fat. The combination of calcium and vitamin D is said to ward off colon cancer. Calcium also helps in decreasing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, increasing fertility, and curbing PMS symptoms.

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