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Best Comfort Bikes
A comfort bike is the ultimate ride when it comes to ease and relaxation. Unlike other kinds of bikes, comfort bikes come with features that ensure convenience and comfort no matter the terrain. However, not all comfort bikes are the same. If you want maximum comfort, you need to choose one that really fits your needs. This resource will help you understand the different features of the comfort bike so you can find the best one for you. The article will help you figure out which comfort bike to get in terms of the material, the frame size, the gears, the suspension, the brakes, and the wheel size.

Buying the Right Bike for You
This article on the gives you everything you need to know about buying just about any kind of bike. It covers mountain bikes, road bikes, and hybrid and alternative bikes. It includes a bikie-sizing chart, and an article on Fitting a Bike, which is about the adjustments you can make to maximize your comfort. There is also an article on Must-Have Gear and Accessories for Commuters. Some for good advice is offered for being a smart shopper for a bike, such first borrowing the kind of bike you think you want to make it really is what you want. The author cautions against the temptation to go cheap because like everything else, you get what you pay for and you won't be happy over the long run because a bike is heavy and the components won't last long if they are not high quality.

Tour Biking/Road Cycling in Colorado
Colorado is a famous tourist destination, but because of its breathtaking scenery and its various attractions. But not a lot know that Colorado is also a place for cycling aficionados. Its grand altitude combined with the spectacular views makes Colorado a perfect cycling destination. Steamboat Springs features the Yampa River Core Trail, where tourists can ride cruiser bikes. There are various routes for road bike and mountain bike races, as well as shorter routes for casual cyclists. Riders would also enjoy the Alamosa, the Buena Vista and the Grand Junction biking trails. Cyclists can also ride through the vineyards in Palisade and on the road to Mount Evans.

Bike Maintenance by Hilary Stone
If you ride a bike, it's important to take care of it. Whether you use your bike for leisure or triathlon racing, bike maintenance is important - and easy with this section of articles by bike maintenance expert Hilary Stone. The great thing about bicycles is that almost everything is visible and accessible for the home mechanic to deal with, according to Stone. But if you aren't into the fixings or don't have the time, he recommends that you make friends with your local dealer and have your bike serviced every six to twelve months (perhaps more frequently if you ride off road). With a few exceptions, most bike parts are fairly universal in their maintenance whatever discipline they are used for. This website covers trouble-shooting, emergency repairs and bike tools.

Best Triathlon Bikes
This website gives information about some of the best triathlon bikes. Though the versions may have been updated since this was published, it still gives a useful review of top triathlon bikes. Bikes mentioned include the Cannondale Mulisport 800, which as the aero rear triangle the minimizes shock. The Litespeed Saber is an updated version of the older Tachyon, but is more comfortable for riding. One of the best features about this bike is its durability. The rest of the website has more top triathlon bike picks.

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