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Gardening in the Southwest
This section on Better Homes and Gardens offers information for everything you'd need to know about creating and maintaining a colorful and low-maintenance desert Southwestern garden. Learn about low maintenance native plants for Southwestern gardens, the best plants for attacting birds or butterflies, and varieties most resistant to deer, and the plants with the most vibrant colors and most fragrant flowers. Specific articles cover such thing as the top fruit trees or top garden roses for the Southwest. The site offers tips gardening tips for specific months. There's also a question and answer section with the garden doctor.

Find Out Where to Place Your Firepot
If you are a new fire pot owner, you will find these guidelines for placing the unit in a safe place helpful. Safety tips and suggestions about the best place to position your firepot are provided here. Find out how to light fire pots for the first time and get instructions for cleaning them properly.

Plants for the Western Garden
This site is chock full of information about gardening in the West. High Country Gardens features information from experts, tips on how to plant a low-care lawn, internet specials on products. This site's specialty is Xeriscape gardens. You'll find gardening tips a newsletter you can subscribe to and tons of other information. Don't know what xeriscape gardening is? Check out the principles of Xeriscaping and you'll learn that xeriscaping is creating a garden that doesn't rely heavily on water. Xeriscape comes from the Greek word xeri, which means dry. Peruse this site and learn more about this interesting environmentally aware concept.

Gardening in the UK
This UK site hosts a lot of great gardening information that is tailored for the UK climate. Read about plant profiles, garden projects, or take a garden tour. Ask an expert and learn more about gardening that you could ever imagine. An e-diary contains information about garden events. Check out the current weather in any part of the world. A search engine will help you find a gardening business near you. For extra resources, check out the gardening shop or browse the gardening books. DIY information is on the site, along with beautiful pictures of various gardens.

Lawn Maintenance and Gardening Tips
The Family Handyman provides a bevy of lawn and garden resources to assist you in gardening or landscaping. Learn about pest control, indoor herb gardens and watering strategies. Other topics covered include: structures and paths, bulbs and flowers, edibles, container gardens, garden basics, and houseplants. There is a useful "ask the expert" column and an article index. Their garden store will help you find that perfect gardening tool you have been looking for.

Garden Tips from Susan's Garden Patch
This site offers up gardening tips on interior vs. exterior gardens, containers and ornaments, budgeting and organizing, weeding, watering and staking, flagstones, pruning and spacing, vines and pictures and winter protection and decorative rocks. Susan features sections on annuals, bulbs, dahlias, lawns, soil, shrubs, perennials and even roses.

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