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Feng Shui for Interiors
An e-book about feng shui. Chinese landscape paintings influenced my spatial perception. The interiors play with solids and voids to produce a movement to the looking eye. There is a natural flow and rhythm in this movement. Browse through the book to learn about seasonal feng shui, lighting, design elements, office interiors, home interiors, Eastern and Western design information, principles of feng shui and how to decorate using feng shui principles.

Wavery Decorating Ideas
Affordable yet stunning home decoration ideas can be yours with a click to this site. Includes décor theme ideas such as Sonoma Valley, which celebrates the spirit of the West Coast wine country. Rich colors and inviting textures are also important elements that define the collection. Deep hues such as merlot, raisin and inky black caviar offer distinctive backgrounds to large-scale designs, while softer shades such as sage and champagne add a mellow note. Sections of the site include Waverly store finders, a shop, a project center, great room decorating ideas, decorating questions and answers and home classics. The how-to section includes tips on how to choose a color scheme, mix and match prints, make a large room more inviting, create a formal room, create a casual room, arranging furniture and displaying accessories. Project ideas are included for slip covers, shower curtains, fashionable storage, covered boxes, table skirts, painting projects, duvet covers and folding screens.

How to Make Large Bean Bag Chairs from Pillowcases
Pillowcases can yield the fabric you need to make extra large bean bags, Follow the simple instructions posted here to use this simple product to make bean bag chairs that you can use in children's rooms, bedrooms or rec rooms. Do listen to the suggestion have a helper hold the bean bag chair while you are sewing it.

Martha Stewart
This site includes Martha Stewart's ideas and creations for domestic living. Choose from home décor products and tips. Martha Stewart magazine and television show information also included, as are home décor products for bedding and bath, holidays, gardening, crafts, cooking and baking, tableware and linens, furniture and home keeping. A Martha Stewart decorating section includes lighting, wreaths, vases, frames, clocks, mirrors, decorative pillows, hardware and more. Browse her products not only to buy, but to find free home decoration ideas.

Beaded Fringe Trim and Home Decorating Help
If you are interested in purchasing beads or trim or any manner of home decorating materials, this site is a wonderful place to shop. But there's more to this site than just shopping. Click on Decorating Articles and prepare to learn virtually everything you ever wanted to know about home decorating. Read about Your Color Personality to learn what color(s) best suit you. Continue with How to Hang Wall Paper, painting tips, a Paint and Stain Glossary, learn to paint sky murals, discover the psychology of color, how to make milk paint, read Marbling Tips and become an expert on marbling. Learn all about lighting, from fundamentals and basics to task lighting, light style, even a lighting glossary. Learn about all the different kinds of tiles and tile sealants, learn to clean shower tile and even (are you ready for this?) learn what the coefficient of friction has to do with stone flooring!

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