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Advice From eHow Makes Bathroom Renovations More Attractive Financially
Bathroom remodeling usually conjures up visions of open wallets and major expenses—but it doesn't have to be. With this site, you can learn how to renovate your bathroom without blowing your bank account. Details listed for this "moderately challenging" project include necessary tools, and seven steps, which include making a budget, determining what you are capable of completing on your own and advice on hiring contractors for the really challenging aspects of bathroom construction. There are also suggestions on how to make bathroom remodeling more affordable, such as using existing cabinetry and plumbing fixtures, or visiting salvage yards before you hit the antique shop for that claw-foot tub.

Get Help for Roofing Repair Issues Online
To find good quality information about roofing repair issues, surf over to the website. It provides background information about the causes of roofing issues, as well as provides information about emergency roofing repairs on flat, low sloped, average and steep sloped roofs. Other sections of the site offer helpful tips and hints, and an FAQ section. Visitors to the site who don't see their issue addressed are invited to write in with their questions and concerns.

Article Spells Out the Need to Know in Remodeling
Author Kimyla Guice Stegall has all the information you need to know before beginning a major remodeling project on your home, available at this site. This comprehensive article offers advice on selecting a contractor for your home improvement project, how to design a contractor agreement that works for everyone involved, tips on creating a home improvement project budget, questions about certification requirements, and the planning process itself—all things to consider before the first hammer is swung.

Blogging Site Gets to the Nitty Gritty of Home Remodeling on a Personal Level
Sometimes, reading about someone else's personal experiences is a great way to learn what—or what not—to do when starting a home remodeling project. provides just that kind of know-how, from a person living through home renovation projects herself. Here, you'll find great tips for how to decorate a two-story wall, roller painting effectively, garage floor remodeling trends, alternatives to plywood and decorating ideas. You can also access specific posts through category links such as Building/Remodeling, Contractors, Decorating, and Landscaping.

Find Out How to Build Your Own Fire Pit
Check out this impressive selection of YouTube videos that are all on the theme of fire pit construction. Titles include how to design and build an outdoor fire pit, and how to construct one with steel studs and cement board. Other video offerings include techniques for building a fire and grilling meat. Before you decide to build your own fire pit, check out the videos posted here for helpful tips and hints. Presents Links to Cabinet Plans
This linking page includes resources offering free woodworking plans for building a bathroom sink cabinet, slab-style cabinet doors, and how to assemble a cabinet car case. Browse through the list of resources to get the information you need.

Ms. Portnov Builds Her Dream House for $280 Per Square Foot
Lana Portnov shares her experienced in building her dream home in Los Altos. Ms. Portnov acted as her own general contractor on the project, which was her own design. She worked with an architect who took her ideas and put them on paper. The result is a beautiful 5,000-square-foot home with 12 foot ceilings and a pair of marble columns accenting the entrance to the living room. An online photo album lets visitors to the site check out the finished product. Portnov offers an e-book for sale from Improvement Home Spaces designed to help others who are thinking about building a custom home.

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