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One thing that separates a smart investor from the rest is his or her ability to keep a tab on things that are happening around the world. This in particular is of importance if you invest in real estate. In real estate, numerous factors come into play at macro and micro economic levels. For instance, do you know that a policy change by U.S. Treasury will affect expansion plans of an MNC that you hope to sell your land to? Thus, if you want to know what news you should be aware of while investing in commercial real estate, simply log on to World Property Journal, your one stop shop for all commercial real estate news.

Investing in the UK Hospitality & Tourism Industry
Invest in UK beckons all international travelers to UK to explore the emerging investment opportunities in the hospitality and tourism industry. As this industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK, now is the best time to invest. Currently, the fragmented businesses involved in UK tourism contribute nearly 3.6 percent to UK GDP. The Government has delivered funding to attract more domestic and foreign investments in UK tourism industry. According to British Hospitality Association, the tourism and hospitality industry in UK has 127,000 businesses, and the industry provides employment to almost 1.6 million people. Currently, the country houses 22,000 hotels, motels, and guest houses, and above 16,000 breakfast restaurants. The UK Government feels these numbers can grow in the coming years with more foreign investments, read more about this in this article.

Top 5 Reasons to Own a Property in Miami
For those who have already contemplated buying a home in Miami, this article comes as a welcome advice. The article provides five strong reasons for owning a property in Miami, which are breathtaking beach-front locations of properties, the promise of equity and wealth from property acquisition, rich lifestyle with many amenities, excellent tax benefits, and affordability of homes compared to other U.S. metro locations. For the first time, Miami home buyers are getting fantastic bargains through special schemes. Read the full article to get detailed explanation of each reason stated here.

How to Buy Commercial Property Without Using Your Own Money
This article discusses "Subordination," a form of creative financing to raise funds for a property. This occurs when a particular property owner takes out a second mortgage to cover funds that the new purchaser of the property is not capable of raising. If a property buyer is fortunate enough to find a seller willing to subordinate a second mortgage, then the new buyer will only pay the down payment from his pocket. This system works when the buyer has promise of cash generation through a commercial property. Many builders, developers, and investors are willing to finance in exchange of a slice of the funds that the buyer generates. Many commercial property buyers begin with a small piece of the property, and then take a loan against that small piece to generate funds to buy the whole property.

10 Reasons to Invest in Spain's Real Estate Market
Looking for a brand new destination for real estate investment? According to an article published HispaLux Consulting on LinkedIN, Spain seems to be attracting lot of investors from Middle-East. Apart from better prospects of returns, Spain has one upside to investing in its real estate market Ė The Golden Visa rule. The rule is simple, anyone who invests into Spainís real estate market will be issued a Golden Visa that allows the holder and his or her family to travel within the Schengen region without any restrictions. The prices seem to be just right at the moment, the region has strong tourism, strong rental market among locals are just some of the other reasons to invest in Spainís real estate.

Should You Own a Hotel Room?
This Bloomberg news article gives the pros and cons of owning a hotel room. The very idea of owning a condo-hotel unit might sound exciting. Rent free stay, access to premium services and possibility of extra income by renting out the property are good enough reasons. However, like any other real-estate investments, you will have to pay for maintenance costs, including any damages to the property or its belongings. Moreover, you may not be able to use the unit during peak season due to hotel policies. The best thing thus is to buy a hotel room that is located at a popular tourist destination, is managed by luxury brand and manages expenses through rent you earn.

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