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How Good is My Rug Collecting
There are a lot of curious reasons why people collect rugs, some of which make little sense to anyone not so bitten. People participate in rug collecting to own fabulous rugs, win competitions, to learn about the industry, have fun meeting others interested in rugs, make money off the products and to be in the collecting industry. The author of this article talks about his fascination with rug collection, as well as tales of life as a rug collector.

Collecting Caucasian Rugs
Colorful Caucasian rugs are valuable antiques. Rugs bring top dollars throughout the world. Is it because of the amount of time and talent needed to make a beautiful rug? Figure out what style of rug is best for you and learn more about rug collecting. Caucasian rugs are some of the most interesting styles of rug. Caucasus is an incredibly mountainous area whose people prove that life is amazingly tenacious. Flat land is at a premium and even the sheep must have to use climbing equipment just to stay on the hill! One mountain range in particular effectively cut off the entire area. The Caucasus region went through many different regimes, the most famous of which was the USSR. Today the area is divided up into the bottom end of Russia and the countries of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. More history about Caucasian rugs is included.

Bukhara Rugs
Site includes information about Oriental rugs, and is based in Almaty (Kazakhstan), though many cities in Central Asia help find the best carpets. Rugs include Turkmen, Caucasian, Chinese, Persian, Kazakh, as well as an array of decorative items and antique rugs. A gallery of carpets includes photos, while a section on carpet making discusses how people use carpet purchasing for the status of their homes, and how to make the distinction between quality and shifty rugs. Evolution section includes the history of carpeting. Some basics for those entering rug collecting include a glossary defining terms such as Sumak, Kilim, Suzani, and Tekemet.
This is a Turkish carpets and rugs portal site that includes a discussion forum and a magazine on Turkish carpets published monthly called Alive. The site also includes a searchable database of more than 700 Turkish rug firms,

Rug & Carpet Design Articles & Reviews
Here are some fascinating miscellaneous articles and reviews of rug and carpet design on the website of Thomas Cole, a private dealer in the rugs and textiels of Central Asia: Traces of Tree Worship in the Decorative Patterns of Turkish Rugs by Galina Serkina; A Look at the Word 'Tribal' and Tibetan Rugs at Adraskand - Exhibition Review by Murray Eiland, Jr.; Carpets of Central Asia and The Ballard Collection - St. Louis Museum of Art by George O'Bannon; Silk & Wool - Ottoman Textile Design in Turkish Rugs by Gerard Paquin; Myth and Design - Textile Art of Ancient Inner Asia and Ancient Imprints (looking for design origins in oriental carpets from the Bronze Age) by Tom Cole; Patterned Reed Screens of the Kirghiz in the State Historical Museum, Frunze by Stella Mateeva and Jon Thompson; The Karakalpak Rug Collection of the Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow by L.G. Beresneva; Northern Tibet Exploration - Archaeological Discoveries of the Changthang Circuit Expedition 1999 and The Ancient Amulets Of Tibet: Thogchags - A Collection of Miniature Masterpieces by John Belleza.

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