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Health Information that Seniors can Trust
Although it wonít replace a visit to your doctor, many seniors can get senior health information right over the Internet. There are plenty of articles on topics that seniors can read with ease, such as Parkinsonís disease, Crohnís disease and Alzheimerís disease. There is also information on cancer and nutrition information. Learn about what types of vitamins and supplements seniors need most here. The site is regularly updated with medical research information.

Aging Athletes: Staying Active as an Elderly Citizen
Fearing an injury is a viable concern for active elders. This is a great article to read that explains the importance of warming up and taking care of your body during a workout or activity. Many aging athletes are rightfully so worried that playing sports will make their arthritis worse. But this natural condition wonít be worsened by moderate exercise. In fact, some studies show that exercise reduces pain in arthritis sufferers. The site reports that the most common sports injuries are ankle sprains, shoulder and rotator cuff problems, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, pain in the front of the knee, elbow problems and low back pain.

Health Topics for the Elderly
The National Institute on Aging and the National Library of Medicine present this website, which offers plenty of information on elder health. Topics include cataracts, dry mouth, fitness for seniors, colorectal cancer, depression, breast cancer, shingles, strokes, pagetís disease, lunch cancer and high blood pressure. Check out the section of exercise stories, which feature older adults featuring the exercises they like, and how you can get into a better senior fitness routine. Seniors will enjoy the fact that they can adjust the size of text on the screen and get speech help with the topics on this site.

An Online Library of Information About Chiropactors is Waiting for You at Chiropractic Universe
Chiropractic Universe is a modern online library of information and resources on this subject. Get news relating to this medical specialty, find out how to find a chiropractor in your area, and financing options that may be available to you. Several conditions that may benefit from chiropractic treatment are listed on the site, including high blood pressure, cancer, bursitis, arthritis, autism, obesity, and headaches. Learn how chiropractic adjustments are performed and get information about different specialties in chiropractic care. Links to suppliers of chiropractic equipment and supplies, as well as resources for practioners are also provided.

Seniors: Evaluate and Improve Your Driving Skills
Attention, senior citizens! This is a great way to make sure you are fit to drive. As you age, you lose response time and can lose eyesight, so itís important to make sure you always assess your driving skills. This site by AAA includes a Ďsuggestions for improvementí section, which ery driver should pay attention to. Every senior citizen can improve their driving skills. There are also resources to help you from the AAA that can aid in transportation. Keeping roads safe is important and seniors want to make sure they can do their part to help. The site includes a DriveSharp brain fitness program designed to sharpen your mind and cut your crash risk in half.

Memory Loss Study: Are Seniors Losing Brain Tissue
This article discusses a 2006 study in the journal called Neurology, which finds that adults over the age of 60 who complain that they have memory problems may be losing brain tissue. The adults in the study that scored well on memory tests were found to have a loss of grey matter on about 3 percent of MRI brain scans. Patients diagnosed with early Alzheimerís disease show about a 4 percent loss of brain tissue in the area of the brain that includes memory. There are some other medical study-related news studies on this page, such as those about flu shot news and Medicare news, presented by

Eating Well: Why Elderly People Need to Make Sure They Eat Healthy Foods
This website includes special diets for elder weight loss, information on lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and controlling diabetes. It also includes nutritional guidelines and healthy recipes for elders, such as brain health foods, are included. Information on healthy low-fat diets, the importance of fruits and vegetables, getting fiber in your diet, food guides and requirements for adults, and a special section on food requirements for adults over the age of 70 are also featured here.

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