Senior Health Resources (03)

Young at Heart: Tips for Aging Adults
Healthy eating is so important for aging adults and senior citizens, as is weight control for seniors. That’s why this site has so much useful information to help seniors make sure they’re eating right and doing enough physical activity to keep their body strong. Topics include talking to your doctor about healthy senior eating, tips for healthy eating, maintaining a healthy weight, tips for safe physical activity, getting active for seniors, and more. There is a list of books for seniors to read about senior health and much, much more.

Healthy Aging Partnership: Working for Elders
The Healthy Aging Partnership exists to promote healthy aging through the use of community partnerships. The organization educations social service and health care providers, as well as caregivers and policymakers, as to better elder health. In addition, it offers a forum for partners to communicate with each other. The initiatives of the organization are highlighted here, as well as the nonprofit and public organizations that comprise this organization. Consumers will enjoy tips for healthy senior living, which has articles full of tips for healthy aging and overall senior citizen health.

Promote Senior Health with Fifty Plus Lifelong Fitness
Mid-life adults have special needs, especially as many people are living longer. That’s why Fifty Plus exists: to help these people lead more active, healthy lives. This organization runs a Fitness Ambassador Corps, where people can join and promote the mission of the organization. The site also has a database of events so people can get daily, weekly and monthly events in their area. The organization’s newsletter, as well as a library, news section and more information about elderly health, is included. Links include information on Stanford University’s Health Improvement Program, as well as other links to promote elder health. on Health & Fitness
There are so many ways for elderly citizens to stay active. Especially because we know how important eating well and regular physical activity are. And what better an organization than AARP to present senior health information? This site has information on physical activities for seniors such as walking and other sports. It also includes a link to AARP’s physical activity programs, which are free. Tips for those managing a condition, such as diabetes, are also included. Features and information on senior nutrition are also included. The message boards give visitors the chance to talk to other seniors about improving overall health.

Want to Know What Happens During a Visit to the Chiropractor? Check Out the American Chiropractic Association Site
The American Chiropractic Associatio's Press Room provides information about research supporting chiropractic care as being a safe and effective treatment option for medical conditions, including headaches, neck pain, and chronic pain. Chiropractors offer cost-effective services to their patients, who are generally satisfied with the service they receive. Find out what chiropratic is and the kinds of services they offer, including nutritional and lifestyle counselling. What to expect at a first visit to a chiropractor, statistics about chiropractic care, and the educational process to become a chiropractor are also covered here, along with some interesting facts about the history of this branch of medicine.

Solutions for Elderly Caregivers
It's important to understand the legal and financial considerations of caring for an elderly friend or relative. As Americans live longer, many need ongoing, long-term care. Often this falls onto people who have kids of their own to take care of, who are busy with their lives. This site is about connecting people caring for elderly parents. It discusses how to care for an elder and keep your sanity if you’re a caregiver. The site has valuable information for people who want to take good care of the older adults in their lives, but don’t want to get overwhelmed in doing so. There are sections on legal issues for seniors, as well as financial issues, caregiving issues, housing information and drug information. A useful site for seniors and those who take care of them.

Exercising for Seniors: Moves You can Use
We know that staying active is important for all ages. Now elders can get some specific exercise information that is geared for those over 50. This page has some quick tips, such as how to eat healthy, why you should eat well and ways to increase eating pleasure. It also includes fitness information, including how to test your fitness level, and steps to begin strength training exercises. There are also ideas to begin endurance exercises. These are recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine. A huge database of tips on how to get started with exercise, start a senior walking program and manage diabetes with exercise are included.

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