Senior Health Resources (04)

Staying Healthy: Ages 50 and Up
There are many factors that influence elder health. Watching oneís weight, getting exercise, eating well, getting regular tests and screenings and working to prevent injury are great starts. This site also has more information about sexual health for seniors, menopause, overcoming depression, help for smokers, oral cancer, prostate cancer, tuberculosis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, breast cancer and more. It includes a very useful checkup and tests record section to help you stay on track of preventative health for seniors. And it has a medicine minder, shots chart and cancer tests tracker. Itís very useful for seniors to write things down and the charts here help them stay on top of their health.

Techniques on Aging Well
Did you know there is a specific way to stay healthy? This article explains it, saying that in todayís society, we are constantly told that age and gravity work against us, grinding us inevitably down into decrepitude and immobility. Rather than compressing ourselves by our own weight into the earth like a column, we are actually ingeniously built to process gravity by means of reflexes that in fact suspend us lightly off the planet, the article says. Rather than pulling us down, gravity serves to project us up into life and activity. The article explains the Alexander Technique on aging well and has useful information for seniors.

Better Senior Health: Conditions and Information for Carers
There are so many conditions that face the elderly, but those who care for them can help alleviate symptoms and overcome challenges all by learning more about these issues. This site describes many better senior health tips and lists conditions and provides information for carers who look after people who are sick, elderly or who have a disability. Topics include: fitness for elders, aging, fall prevention for the elderly, taking memory tests, home gardening for seniors, fitness over 50, healthy aging, retirement issues, wrinkles, travel tips for seniors, osteoporosis, flu, depression and aging, vision loss, dementia, Alzheimerís disease, cataracts, and much more. The site has an interactive aspect where people can submit questions, take quizzes and get better health tools.

Fall Prevention for the Elderly
This website, presented by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control includes valuable information on preventing injuries, specifically in seniors. It provides a checklist and many tips for preventing falls: beginning a regular exercise program, making your home safer, having medicines reviewed by a health care provider and having vision checked. Each tip links to more detailed information to help elders get ideas. The site also has facts and statistics on senior citizen falls, as well as publications related to the topic of senior fall prevention.

Food Safety: What Seniors Should Know
There are many illnesses that can be caused by foodborne bacteria. Thousands of bacteria can be lurking in your home's kitchen, and elders have to take special care to make sure they pay attention to the freshness of the food. Many senior citizens do not have as strong immune systems as they once did, so that presents an opportunity to be really sick if bacteria is ingested. In addition, inflammation of the lining of the stomach and a decrease in stomach acid occur. Because the stomach plays an important role in limiting the number of bacteria that enter the small intestine, a decrease or loss of stomach acidity increases the likelihood of infection if a pathogen is ingested with food or water. If you think you may have a foodborne illness, you may experience diarrhea, abdominal cramping, blood or pus in the stool, fever, headache, vomiting and exhaustion. Itís best to see a doctor if you suspect youíve been affected.

The Scientific Skinny on Chiropractic Medicine
Revolution Health's web page on chiropractic, spinal manipulative therapy and spinal manipulation is presented in a general, but somewhat scientific format—readers can find an overview on a chiropractor's form of treatment, its history dating back to ancient Chinese medicine, and its current place in health care, with more than 60,000 licensed practitioners. Readers can learn more about standard techniques such as massage/soft tissue mobilization, mechanical traction, manipulation and alternative treatments including diathermy, electric muscle stimulation, and hydroculator packs. The page also provides general information on the safety and efficacy of chiropractic care.

Eating Well: Senior Style
The elderly are faced with a variety of health issues. One of them is getting proper nutrition. And eating well when they have another condition, such as diabetes. This site helps seniors get information on eating right. It also has information on incontinence, bariatrics and obesity and ulcer prevention. Combined with the right diet, exercise is also vital for better senior health.

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