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Chiropractor Care Experience from a Personal Perspective
No other web site says it so succinctly—back pain sucks. Written from a layman's perspective, offers detailed information in a practical format, with insightful discussion on a variety of back pain management topics. Chiropractic care from a patient perspective is well-covered, as are issues such as ergonomics, nutrition, exercise and inversion therapy. If you're looking for a friendly opinion on types of treatment, rather than information that's straight from a professional, this is the site to find it. It's all based on one person's experience with chronic back pain and his efforts to alleviate it.

The Food Pyramid for Seniors
As we age, our appetites may decline but our nutritional needs do not, this site says. Thatís why Tuftís University modified the food pyramid for seniors, mainly to include supplements. The elderly have some specific nutrient needs not addressed in the "one size fits all" food pyramid, according to Tuftís researchers. Thatís why this article is useful: to give you nutritional assistance for elders. Seniors need whole grain foods, colored fruits and vegetables, low-fait dairy products, and lean meats. Hydration is also a pertinent issue, as many seniors experience chronic dehydration, which can affect the rest of their bodies. Learn more about what the elderly should, and should not, be eating here.

Keeping Food Safe for the Elderly
Even though Americans enjoy a healthful food supply, it is still important for senior citizens to be aware about food safety. As elders, your body may not have the ability to fight off dangerous bacteria like it once used to. So learning about preventing foodborne illnesses is important to your care. This site tells you how to recognize a foodborne illness, and gives a cooking temperature chart so you can make sure meats are fully cooked. It has a refrigerator storage chart, handy for instructing you on when to toss certain foods and condiments. A section on eating out is included, as many people bring home unsafe leftovers. This is a very useful resource for aging adults and senior citizen caregivers.

Healthy Eating for Seniors: A Checklist
Attention senior citizens: Are you eating well? Here is a useful checklist to make sure you are getting the proper nutrition, which results in better health. Do you eat three meals a day at least, at regular times? Are the foods healthy, meeting your daily requirements for vital proteins and vitamins? Do you eat more than five servings of grain products? Are you getting enough fruits and vegetables? Do you get enough milk products and meats and proteins every day? Are you drinking six to eight glasses of fluids everyday? Do you limit salt, alcohol, coffee and tea in your diet? There are some useful questions here to ask yourself, so you can make sure youíre eating well, and if not, can make vital adjustments to your everyday diet.

Health and Age: Elder Care Information
Stay on top of health-related news with regard to aging. Whether youíre young or old, the information here will not only educate you about various conditions, but give you information to help prevent getting various conditions. A section for caregivers is included for those taking care of senior citizens. There are plenty of articles updated daily, as well as health centers with information on topics such as Alzheimerís disease, digestive problems, diabetes, falls, hearing, heart health, depression, cholesterol, cancer, vision, urinary issues, strokes, sleep disorders, sex, weight control and more.

Aging Well: Power for Seniors
This is the website of Healthy Aging, a national ongoing health promotion designed to broaden awareness of the positive aspects of aging and to provide information and inspiration for adults over the age of 50 who want to improve and better care for their physical, mental, social, and financial fitness. As people age, itís important to learn about staying healthy and active during these years. What was thought of an immobile time is now becoming a lively chapter in the lives of many. This site has information about the senior health campaign, related sites, a calendar of events and a brochure perfect for baby boomers. It includes resources to help you find aging information in your U.S. state, and includes free tips for better health.

Eating Well: A Guide for the Elderly
Looking to have an active, healthy lifestyle as you get older? This site has information and tips for taking care of yourself—for sleeping well, eating well, finding meaning in life, retaining a sharp memory, and more. Articles feature information on senior nutrition. With proper nutrition, elders will benefit from: increased mental acuteness; resistance to illness and disease; higher energy levels; a more robust immune system; faster recuperation times, and; better management of chronic health problems. Plenty of information for seniors on mental, physical and emotional health as they age.

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