Senior Health Resources (07)

Aging: Information for Elders
This site is brought to you by the American Federation for Aging Research, and features information on the topic of aging. It includes a section that describes the biology of aging, as well as a news section that features the latest aging news on health and care issues, such as the new skin patch being used to treat Alzheimer’s disease. The healthy aging section features information on elder nutrition, senior exercise, sleep, stress, alcohol, smoking cessation and vision issues for seniors. A question and answer section lets elders ask questions regarding their health, and a section includes information on how to get involved in senior policy-making issues.

Do You Need a Chiropractor for Your Back Pain? Find Out at Back Pain Self Help!
Back Pain Self Help is a guide to getting help for back pain issues using a variety of techniques. Whether you are looking for information about the causes of back pain or you want to learn about the different methods used to diagnose back problems, you will find the information you need here. Discover how a chiropractor uses non-surgical techniques to treat back issues. The Alexander Technique is one approach that a chiropractor can discuss. This involves learning how to eliminate back pain by reducing the level of stress and tension in the body. Learning how to go about your daily activities without expending an inordinate amount of energy is key to this treatment technique.

Alternative Health and More for Seniors
There is a wealth of information on the Internet these days for seniors, and this site has plenty of information on topics such as caregivers resources, assisted living options, elder fitness, nutrition, senior living and other elderly health resources. It includes information on popular diseases and conditions that seniors experience, as well as a section on alternative medicine for senior citizens. More information fitness and beauty is also included. Plenty of links here to help you get information on everything from senior beauty to elderly conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, the flu and heart disease.

Office of Healthy Aging: Elder Resources for Massachusetts’ Residents
Seniors living in Massachusetts can benefit from the resources on this website, which features information on the state government’s Office of Healthy Aging. It has information on the division’s initiatives, including the Keep Moving Program, which encourages elder walking clubs; the Massachusetts Geriatric Substance Abuse Task Force, which provides awareness and training on substance abuse and misuse in older people; the Geriatric Education Center, which features information on healthy aging, and more. Includes sites related to senior issues. A section of conferences and events is included.

Keeping Seniors Cool and Safe in the Summer
Summer weather is wonderful for bringing family and friends together in the warm sun. But seniors are vulnerable to heat exhaustion and other ailments. This article discusses heat-related conditions in the elderly, and discusses how to keep cool and comfortable in the summer sun. Preparation and moderation are important themes to remember if an elder plans to enjoy time outdoors during the summer months," says Carol Edelstein, vice president for Program Development at Sunrise Senior Living.

Exercise and Aging Gracefully
Exercise is one of the healthiest things people can do for themselves; in fact, not exercising can be risky. This article gives information on how to set up an exercise plan as a senior citizen, and what exercise can do for the body. It offers exercise progress charts and sample exercises that elders can do, and go over with their doctor. The article says that studies show in the long term, aging adults in all age groups hurt their health far more by not exercising than by exercising. Older people should stay as physically active as they can, it states.

Aging and Driving Safety
Aging affects one’s ability to drive in different ways. Age means reduced vision, especially at night, difficulty judging distance and speed, limited movement, slower reaction time, difficulty focusing, becoming easily distracted, taking more time to understand sights and sounds, and more use of prescription drugs, which can impair driving ability. This article gives a safe driving plan for senior citizens that they use to stay safe on the road and evaluate their driving skills. Warning signs to help elders decide when to stop driving are included, as is a list of transportation alternatives.

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