Senior Health Resources (08)

Dental Health Tips for Seniors
Seniors still need proper dental care, and even a disability shouldnít keep one from having dental care. Many dentists are mobile now, and can provide routine cleanings for the elderly. Still, there are an array of dental conditions that affect the elderly, such as cavities, gum disease and oral cancer. Regular cleanings for seniors are important. This site has information on giving yourself an oral cancer health exam, tips to prevent cavities, tips on preventing oral diseases and other dental problems and more.

New LifeStyles: The Source for Seniors
Do you need help figuring out which senior residences and care options are best? New LifeStyles offers everything you need to make an informed, comfortable decision about your own or your loved one's future. The groupís resources are right here on this site, from local to national resources. You can also order a free directory on senior health care and senior housing, completely free. There are plenty of informational articles on senior housing, picking a nursing home, finding a geriatric care managing and things to ask before hiring a home care agency. There is also an interactive tool called Care Interpreter to help you find suitable housing for yourself or an older loved one in your life. State licensing information is included, which will help you make the best senior housing choices.

Find a Chiropractor Near You
Through's web site, this web page offers the basics on chiropractic care—from what it is to its efficacy and safety. However, the page also includes a video link to a feature on chiropractic care highlighting a doctor and patient experience, and a chiropractor finder that prospective patients can use to locate a specialist in their area. The tool also includes massage therapist and acupuncturist options. Finally, there are links to back pain basics, including causes and treatment options, along with a comment function, allowing you to share your thoughts or network with other web page visitors.

Alzheimerís Disease: Treatment and Resources
>From the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke comes their Alzheimerís disease information page. It includes topics such as: What is Alzheimerís disease, what are the treatments for Alzheimerís disease, what is the prognosis for Alzheimerís disease, and more. A section of related organizations is listed, as are NINDS publications about Alzheimerís disease. There is even information on Alzheimerís disease in Spanish here. Studies on Alzheimerís disease, literature and Alzheimerís disease news topics are also covered.

Elder Nutrition: Eating Well
We all know that nutrition is important, and itís especially important for seniors. This site has information form the National Institutes of Health on nutrition information for the elderly. Topics such as constipation, reading nutrition labels, tips and recipes for seniors, eating well as we age, finding a nutrition professional, food safety for elders, malnutrition and seniors, and more. It gives policies on elderly nutrition programs and the seniors farmersí market nutrition program. Itís so vital for older adults to eat well and this gives information and resources to ensure that they do so.

Building Strong Bones for Seniors
As the human body ages, bones can get very brittle and breaks, as well as fractures, are more possible. Thatís why the elderly need to make sure they build strong bones by getting enough calcium in their diets. This site gives tips on bone building, offers a list of calcium-rich foods, and gives an overall article on what to expect health-wise as your body ages. The prevention and screening section gives information on anti-aging therapies, as well as information on topics such as growth hormones, healthy aging, disease prevention, keeping your mind sharp, preventing confusion, and information on important screening tests for senior care.

Senior Care: Tips for Fall Prevention
As many elders age, their bones become brittle and are susceptible to breaks and fractures. Thatís why taking calcium supplements or eating calcium-rich foods isnít enough. There are some tips seniors can take to prevent falls. This article explains them, which includes: designing a safe home environment that reduce risks, getting quality medical care including vision checkups, installing railings in your home in areas needed, installing bright lighting, and more.

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