Senior Health Resources (09)

Seniors: Taking the Wheel Safely
Are you or someone you care for experiencing driving-related problems? As people age, a number of factors such as vision and response time can create danger on the road. Thatís why this site by the National Highway Traffic Safety ADministraiton (NHTSA)helps you assess if you or someone you care for should be on the road, how to improve elder driving safety and how to tell if itís time to rely on public transportation. The site covers driving skills, including adjusting mirrors in your car. It includes information on health and fitness as well, covering topics such as exercises, vision, medication and sleep, which affect senior drivers. There are quizzes to help people assess their driving capability and even emergency tips in the event of a crash.

Fitness for Elders
Many aging adults realize the importance of getting enough exercise as a senior citizen. This site states that by July 2007, there will be 51 million Americans over the age of 60 in the United States. That means people want to stretch their minds and bodies and take good care of themselves. There are plenty of articles on elder fitness here, such as choosing a stationary bike, yoga and tai chi for seniors, as well as information specifically for those who want to become elder fitness instructors. The American Senior Fitness Association offers older adult fitness specialists with educational programs specifically designed to help them conduct safe, effective and enjoyable fitness programs for senior citizens.

Hot Topics in Senior Health
Stay on top of whatís hot in senior citizen health. As many Americans near their golden years, more are paying attention to health and living better, more vibrant lives. Hot topics include: ageism, Alzheimerís disease, alcoholism in the elderly, depression in seniors, elder fitness, preventing falls, pain management, hearing and vision. The site features news on the latest in geriatric research, plenty of senior health care resources, information on healthcare policies and a calendar of events. There are plenty of useful articles with the latest in elder health breakthroughs, as well as time-honored treatments.

Are Chiropractors All Cracked Up?
This web site offers an unfiltered viewpoint from those opposed to chiropractors and chiropractic care as an efficient means to resolving back and neck pain. It's a useful tool for skeptics of the profession, with message boards that opine on issues including links to additional anti-chiropractic web sites, questionable practices, licensing and regulation, and responses to what the community would deem typical chiropractic propaganda. The site also offers support for those wishing to become more active in an anti-chiropractic campaign, with tips and information to support office picketing and e-mail campaigns.

Living Well: Health Information for Senior Citizens
For seniors, educating themselves and their caregivers about senior conditions can help with treatment and any emergencies. This site features information on fitness and living will, preventing diseases and conditions, living with illnesses and more. Topics include senior citizen exercise plans, quitting smoking, memory exercising, preventing hypothermia, arthritis, breast cancer, hearing health tips, pneumonia, skin cancer, prostate problems, vaccinations for seniors, and skin care for seniors. Plenty of topics here to help seniors and their caregivers stay on top of the latest treatments for common conditions—better yet, learn how to prevent them!

Senior Journal: Elder News Online
Stay updated daily with the Senior Journal, which provides information everyday on the latest in elder-related health topics. Get information for baby boomers and senior citizens alike about all of the latest elder-related news, from health care to public policy. Topics include aging, Alzheimerís disease, dementia, elderly fitness, senior medical research, osteoporosis, senior living, assisted living options, home health care, Medicare, Medicaid and much more. A question-and-answer section provides answers to all of your burning Medicare questions. Best thing about this site is that it is updated on a daily basis, so youíll always find new senior health and wellness news at the click of your mouse.

Traveling Tips for Seniors on the Go
Everyone wants to enjoy traveling during their golden years. There is much to see and do for elders, but they should make sure they heed a few travel advice tips, which are featured on this website. First, make sure you get enough rest, as traveling can be tiring and stressful and you want to be able to enjoy your trip. Also, be sure to eat lightly and stay away from spicy foods. In addition, be careful about water in countries other than North America, Northern Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, as it may not be safe to drink the tap water. Also, try to get some exercise to reduce swelling that can occur when seated for a long time. Other tips include reviewing health information and keeping a list of important numbers on you, wearing a medical ID bracelet and wearing enough sunscreen.

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